We are the select drainage services provider for many of Columbus, Ohio's restaurants & businesses and are proud to be the Columbus commercial drainage company of choice.

columbus ohio drain cleaning and repair
drain cleaning and sewer repair

Let's face it, just about anything that can fit in a drain, whether it's food, grease or even used coffee grounds, can and will eventually end up there. 


We've heard it all and seen it all but the two leading causes of clogged drains  are grease and food


Don't let a clogged drain stop your business. Our drainage maintenance program can reduce clogged drains by 80%. 

columbus ohio grease trap cleaning and maintenance
grease trap
cleaning and repair

Every restaurant has a horror story of a grease trap backing-up, resulting with having to pay a large bill for emergency repair work.


Grease traps not maintained on a regular basis result in nasty odors and eventually back-ups in your kitchen.


Our grease trap services will keep you in compliance, keep your business running smoothly, and most importantly, keep your customers happy.


sewer camera inspection
sewer camera &
locating services

One of the most common (and costly) plumbing problems for Columbus business owners is a clogged sewer line. Trust our state-of-the-art drainage cameras to accurately locate any cracked or collapsed pipe in your business.


We have the right cameras and the right experience necessary to find your sewer lines and see into them in order to find the source of a clogged drain. We'll even record what we find and email it to you.