Grease Trap Services

As a restaurant owner, you understand that no one likes the smell of a backed up grease traps, especially your customers. It's horrendous. It's nauseating. It smells like a rotten egg. And grease traps that aren't cleaned regularly not only smell really bad, they can cause overflows, which can back up your plumbing. 


Our recommended scheduling program will help prevent potential backups, foul odors and cooking overflows. We'll make sure your traps are clean and your container is emptied on time giving you the peace of mind so you can focus on what's important - your customers.


Even if you decide not to use your recommended scheduling program, we offer on-call services. Just give us a call.


Clean, properly functioning grease traps are an essential part of a properly working kitchen. Be sure to clean them regularly. You'll save time, you'll save money, and most importantly, your customers will thank you.