Sewer and Drain Maintenance

A scheduled maintenance program is a smart way to avoid a flood of costly issues when it comes to your sewer and drain systems. 


Let Drain Logistics manage your sewer and drain cleaning with one of our maintenance programs. Our Columbus team of drainage professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your system and will find potential problems before they become serious issues. After we conduct a thorough inspection of your system, we will provide you with an assessment along with a video recording of our findings so that you know exactly what's going on with your system. 


Once we complete your inspection, we'll place you on a regularly scheduled maintenance program in order to keep your system in top condition so that you don't waste money later on expensive repairs that could’ve been avoided with regular maintenance. 


Benefits of Our Preventive Sewer Maintenance Program:


▪ Double the standard warranty period

▪ Receive a significant discount from our regular pricing

▪ Receive quarterly or annual reminders depending on program