Sewer and Drain Cleaning

By accident or not we've all let things go down the drain that probably should have not gone down the drain. Build ups of liquids like grease, or solids like food, maybe even a cigarette butt or two can and will eventually cause a clogged drain. 


If you have a clogged drain, give us a call and our dispatcher will help you decide if our services are required. If so, we'll immediately dispatch a member of our team to your location. Whether your drain cleaning needs a rotating cable or a high-powered water jet, Drain Logistics has a fleet of trucks stocked with the right equipment and the right supplies to handle any commercial, industrial, or residential clogged drain or blockage in the Columbus area.


With fair and honest pricing, our experienced, insured and licensed team at Drain Logistics will do the best job at the best price.


Also, consider our Drain Logistics maintenace program and prevent clogged drains and blockages in the first place. We can schedule our cost effective program based on your needs - whether it's a monthly, quarterly, or or even semi-annually.